Close your eyes. Relax. Breathe. In today’s frantic world it’s time to begin your personal health journey at Pure WellbeingCo, a journey empowering you to take control of your health, your mind and even your soul. We will give you the tools to enjoy a long and healthy life. Our aim is for you to avoid the pitfalls of disease, to eliminate stress and gently heal any hidden ailments.

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“You are the only person responsible for your health, but I can empower you to become as healthy and happy as you deserve to be.”

– Dr ShuQuan Liu, Pure WellbeingCo Creator

We spend hours every day climbing the corporate ladder, enjoying time with our family and socialising. But how much time do we actually spend looking after our health? If we want to enter old age without underlying and niggling health issues health is our most valuable commodity. Are you sleeping badly? Is your body shape quite different than when you were 18? Do you have constant aches and pains? Are you stressed and short-tempered? Any of these could be a sign your health is at a sub-standard level. Our aim is to become your “Health Supervisor” and teach you how you can achieve optimum health. Don’t wait until you have a serious ailment – you need to start the journey NOW to achieve your ideal health.



Our Pure WellbeingCo Creator, Dr Liu, will take you on a unique journey. Following the principles of ancient Chinese medicine, Dr Liu has developed contemporary treatments from philosophies practiced for more than 5000 years. This involves the five diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese medicine: observation, auscultation and olfaction, interrogation, pulse taking and palpation to give you a whole-body diagnosis. He will also check your oxygen levels, heartbeat, blood pressure, body shape, muscles, blood flow, flexibility, stress level, energy, appetite, sleep quality and much more. In the 60-minute appointment, Dr Liu will assess your current health level and work out the size of the gap between your health now and optimum health.

The aim? To identify the cause of any problems you may have, and work out ways to fix them. This will give you the tools to live a long and healthy life, helping you to avoid serious disease and illness in later years.


Many of us use financial planners, tax experts and personal trainers. But we also need Health Supervisors, someone who can keep us on our journey to optimum health. Dr Liu and his team will become your Health Supervisors, educating you during your individual treatment journey to become the BEST you can. The number one goal of your Health Supervisor is to work out how you can achieve optimum health and most importantly, how you can maintain it. Your Supervisor will work with you during and after your journey, giving you the confidence and knowledge to stay on the pathway of healthy living. Your journey may also involve working with your GP, personal trainer or dietician as well as treatments at our Pure WellnessCo Clinic. Dr Liu and his team will monitor your progress as you travel down the highway to a longer and healthier life, and once you achieve optimum health, make sure you stay there. After all, there’s no point working hard to become as healthy as you can be if you don’t stay that way!


Do you feel tired all the time? Are you desperate to go to bed then have trouble sleeping, finally nodding off then waking up in the middle of the night? It’s one of life’s frustrations. So is putting on weight when you haven’t changed your diet, or just feeling something is wrong but nobody can tell you what. You may have had medical tests which say your health is fine but you still don’t feel quite right. You should not ignore this feeling. You may be in a state of sub-health, which means your immunity is low and your organs are ageing faster than they should. This can lead to more serious ailments down the track. It may be time to reboot your body, get rid of unhealthy toxins and boost the quality of your life. Your body is telling you something is starting to go wrong with your health. It is telling you to take action. A PURE WELLBEINGCO assessment will examine all aspects of your health and give you a diagnosis to help you move from feeling subnormal to great.

  • Pure WellbeingCo does not prescribe or endorse liquid herbal food replacement fasts for its patients.


Everything in the human body  – your cells, vessels and organs – are connected and need to work in harmony. Ideally, when you are at optimum health your organs should age at the same speed so you can reach your maximum life potential. Each organ belongs to one of 10 human body systems, which are interconnected and dependent upon one another to function.

When your organs are working well, you have greater health, vitality and mental awareness. Healthy organ function impacts the lymphatic and blood flow systems, the keys to good health. If your lymphatic system is performing well, your body fluids are balanced, encouraging good blood flow. Negative emotions – depression, tiredness, guilt – will impact on how your organs work, which shows why positive mental health is crucial to achieving good physical health.

A PURE WELLBEINGCO assessment and diagnosis will start your journey to optimal health and happiness.


Working hard to change bad habits now will help you in your later years. We would all like to live independently at 90 and not be riddled with disease. You need to plan now to achieve your optimum health.

Consider this: You may have a strong heart but if your liver collapses you will be in a lot of trouble! Everything is connected so you need to use your body as ONE so it ages as one. You are the only person responsible for your health. You should not accept that getting older means getting fatter, becoming less flexible and being less healthy.

Any negative health condition may affect your organ function and quicken the ageing process. Plan now to reach your optimum health, both physically and mentally, to help you in later years. It’s time to begin your journey to optimum health BEFORE you have a serious illness. That time is now!


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